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    Geography Now! Kyrgyzstan

    Geography Now! Kyrgyzstan 24 January 2018
    Snow leopards, shoulder jerking, and controversial marriage customs. Welcome to Kazakhstan's "party animal" little brother Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to some wonderful images from our Aussie friends,...

    Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

    Welcome to Kyrgyzstan 20 May 2015


    Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

    Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan 19 June 2012
    In rural Kyrgyzstan men still marry their women the old-fashioned way: by abducting them off the street and forcing them to be their wife. Bride kidnapping is a supposedly ancient custom that's...

    Travel Guide to Kyrgyzstan

    Travel Guide to Kyrgyzstan 29 September 2014
    Kyrgyzstan, or the Kyrgyz Republic to give it its official name, is quite simply one of the most interesting, pristine and beautiful countries in Asia, offering the adventurous traveller a...

    7 Facts about Kyrgyzstan

    7 Facts about Kyrgyzstan 30 December 2015
    Learn, Share, Subscribe ------------------------------------------------ Watch the Asian series here: Here is the European...

    Kidnapped For Marriage: A Troubling Tradition In Kyrgyzstan | MSNBC

    Kidnapped For Marriage: A Troubling Tradition In Kyrgyzstan | MSNBC 09 May 2016
    In Kyrgyzstan, the tradition of bride kidnapping is being challenged by generations both young and old as a violation of women's rights, but not all women find fault with the brutal practice....

    Eating Kyrgyzstan: Traditional Kyrgyz food in Bishkek

    Eating Kyrgyzstan: Traditional Kyrgyz food in Bishkek 13 October 2016
    During one of our last days in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan we revisited one of our favorite restaurants in the city to eat traditional Kyrgyz food. Food in Kyrgyzstan is closely related to that of...

    Bishkek Kyrgyzstan CITY TOUR

    Bishkek Kyrgyzstan CITY TOUR 09 December 2017
    Thank you for watching video on my time in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan! I was so excited to visit and explore the city of Bishkek and it felt amazing to finally arrive there. I found Bishkek to be very...


    LOST IN KYRGYZSTAN 4K 05 October 2016
    Lost In Kyrgyzstan / Our Video Travel Guide -- Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev, digital nomads and authors of the Travel blog The Lost document for the first time incredible...

    Kyrgyzstan - 2014

    Kyrgyzstan - 2014 04 October 2014
    A journey through Kyrgyzstan with touroperator Koning Aap (Monkey King).